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Massage is proven to calm the nervous system through the power of human touch and induce the rest and digest mode. We can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression, improve sleep, help lower high blood pressure, help with digestive issues and other disorders that are caused by stress.


I work deeply and instinctively, responding to the muscles and soft tissues in the body; tailoring each treatment to the patient’s physical and mental needs or injuries.

A health and lifetyle history is taken from the client to clarify the reasons and expectations, i.e. working with a particular injury, addressing a chronic pain or chronic ailment, or just trying to relax, sleep better or improve general wellbeing.

Touch and massage stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s own natural pain killers.

We specialize in Advanced Clinical Massage, which is a unique outcome based system for addressing chronic musculoskeletal pain through a tried and tested fusion of advanced soft tissue and massage techniques.

Effective with most types of chronic musculoskeletal pain including; back pain, sciatica, neck pain, whiplash, migraines, frozen shoulder, sports injuries, knee pain, ligament and tendon issues. As well as systemic conditions like fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis and plantar fasciitis.
This method is a partnership between patient and practitioner where a six session treatment plan is designed to increase your mobility, agility, and joint range of motion (ROM), whilst focussing on decreasing your daily pain.


Face Therapy

This is my bespoke facial lifting and rejuvenating massage treatment to completely switch you off from the busy world, calm your mind and completely relax, restore and rejuvenate your skin with a glow.

Starting with a deep cleanse with hot towels, followed by Facial Reflexology to treat your whole body and mind. Different manual massage techniques are performed to release tension, freeing constrictions both within the facial muscles and in the connective tissue (fascia).


Advanced facial tools including Gua Sha (jade stone) and rollers that help “iron out” wrinkles and stimulate collagen and elastin, tightening and sculpting the jawline, helping to lift, reduce puffiness, decongest and rejuvenate the face, making this a natural alternative to chemical Botox and Fillers.

Benefits also include relief from tension headaches and eye strain, sinus problems and jaw tension.

Treatments are bespoke according to each client’s needs and concerns. Only natural and organic  skincare are used that are safe, nourishing and suitable for sensitive skin.


Immediate results are achieved in just one treatment, but a course of treatments is highly recommended to achieve and maintain long lasting results. This treatment can be combined with a back or full body massage for the ultimate body-mind-soul experience.


Feet/Face and Pregnancy Reflexology

Reflexology is the technique of applying pressure to specific points of the feet, hands or face in order to bring your body back into a state of balance. 


Our whole body structure and organs are reflected or mapped in our feet, hands and face. Reflexology has many benefits. For instance, it helps reduce stress, alleviate pain and improve sleep.


Reflexology treatment can be experienced on its own or combined with a body massage which can be a very relaxing experience. If for some reason of pain or inflammation, a certain body part cannot be touched or massaged, we can work on the correspondent reflex point on the feet or face in order to induce healing to the affected area.


Face Reflexology is extremely relaxing. When you stimulate reflexes on the face it has an immediate effect because of the close proximity of the brain along with structural anatomical benefits for conditions such as bells palsy, bruxism, migraines and sinus conditions. Additional benefits of face reflexology are improved, toned, glowing skin and smoothing of fine lines. Face reflexology is part of my ‘Face Therapy treatment’.

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